Lawsuit Funding on Motor Vehicle Accidents

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“TriMark got us funding when no one else, and I mean no one else, would help us.”
Car Accident Lawsuit Funding
Over 12 million motor vehicle accidents occur in the US each year; that’s 1 collision every 3 seconds.

Pre Settlement Funding: A Good Solution For A Bad Situation

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Funding

TriMark Legal Funding LLC has been in the lawsuit funding business since 2003, and in all that time, we’ve just about seen it all. There is one equation that almost universally encapsulates motor vehicle accidents and it is this:

Bad car accident + injuries + time off work
(Money problems + stress) x 10

Legal funding is available on a variety of motor vehicle accident lawsuits. Of course, search-wise the term “motor vehicle accident” covers a LOT of territory and we can offer lawsuit cash advances on them all as long as you received serious injuries, were not at fault and there is strong liability against an insured defendant:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents | Traffic Accidents
    • Auto Accident | Automobile Accident
    • Aircraft Accident | Aviation Accident
      • Airplane Crash | Plane Crash
      • Helicopter Crash
        • Medical Helicopter Crash
    • Boat Accident | Boating Accident
      • Jet Ski Accident
    • Cruise Ship Accidents
    • Bus Accident
      • Greyhound Bus Accident
      • Metro Bus Accident
      • Party Bus Accident
      • School Bus Accident
      • Tour Bus Accident
    • Car Accident | Car Collision
      • Drunk Driving Accidents | DUI Accidents
      • Hit and Run Accident
      • Rollover Accident | SUV Rollover
    • Distracted Driving
    • Motorcycle Accident
      • Moped Accidents
      • Scooter Accidents
    • Off Road Accident
      • ATV Accident | ATV Rollover
      • Rhino Rollover
    • Pedestrian Accident
      • Auto Pedestrian Accident
      • Bicycle Accident
    • Train Wreck | Train Crash | Train Accident
      • Railroad Crossing Accidents
    • Truck Accident | Truck Accidents
      • Cement Truck Accident
      • Dump Truck Accident
      • FedEx Truck Accident
      • Fire Truck Accident
      • Garbage Truck Accident
      • Log Truck Accident
      • Semi Truck Accident
      • Tow Truck Accident
      • Truck Rollover
      • UPS Truck Accident
Vehicle Accident Injuries

Lawsuit Loans Can Help Vehicle Accident Victims

If you’ve been seriously injured in a car, truck, or motorcycle crash and are neck-deep in a personal injury lawsuit, chances are good that you could use some extra money right now. Non-recourse settlement funding could be just what you need to help you stop worrying and stressing about money and start focusing on your recovery.

Is lawsuit funding expensive?

The Dollars and Sense of Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit advances are available nationwide in any amount from $500 to $500,000 depending on your individual needs and the size and merit of your case. Plus there are no restrictions so you are free to use the money however you choose.

Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Loans

With your attorney’s cooperation, the whole process normally only takes about 8 to 48 hours. There are no up-front fees or out-of-pocket costs and you only repay the advance when you win your lawsuit or your case settles successfully. If your case is lost, keep the money and owe nothing. Now that is 100% risk-free!

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