Non recourse cash advances are available in as quickly as 12 to 24 hours on qualifying cases.

“Settlement funding” and “pre settlement funding” are frequently used interchangeably to refer to several different types of financial transaction. TriMark Legal Funding LLC handles them all, but it is important that you understand which one you actually need right now.

Pre settlement funding (also called lawsuit settlement funding) refers to non recourse lawsuit advances made on pending lawsuits. That’s what this page is all about.

Post settlement funding and appeal funding both refer to cases that have either settled or gone to trial and have had a favorable verdict returned by a jury. There is alsostructured settlement funding which refers to the sale of all or a portion of a structured settlement annuity that resulted from personal injury or wrongful death settlements.

TLF offers cash advance on lawsuits on hundreds of different types of personal injury litigation. In addition, TLF also offers pre settlement lawsuit funding on workers compensation settlements (workmans comp), pharmaceutical and drug lawsuits, a huge assortment of employment lawsuits, corporate litigation, wrongful death settlements and even settled case funding.

Available Settlement Funding Options Include:

  1. PreSettlement Funding:
    Plaintiffs may be eligible for a pre settlement cash advance at any point between when the plaintiff retains an attorney and the time the case is either settled out of court or is decided by a jury trial.
  2. Post Settlement Funding:
    Also called a post settlement loan, this type of funding can occur between the time a settlement is reached or a verdict is returned by a jury and the time the plaintiff physically receives the settlement payment. Also settling out of court.
  3. Commercial Litigation Funding:
    Commercial litigation finance is specifically for corporate litigation and business litigation of a commercial nature such as breach of contract, patent litigation and copyright infringement cases.
  4. Appeal Funding:
    Also called an appeal advance or appellate funding, these can be funded at any point during a case appeal provided there is compelling evidence that the plaintiff will prevail again.
  5. Sell Structured Settlements:
    Personal injury settlements are frequently paid out over a long time by purchasing an annuity. Sometimes annuitants need to cash out a portion of their future payments for immediate cash.
  6. Attorney Funding:
    Attorney loans are available in practically any amount from $10,000 up and are secured by some or all of the attorneys’s case load.
  7. Attorney Fee Acceleration:
    Once the case is done and the attorney is just waiting to receive their fee, we can purchase all or just a portion of that fee in advance at a slight discount. Minimum purchase is $25,000.
  8. Law Firm Loans:
    Loans to law firms and law firm line of credit are available any amount from $25,000 up and are secured by all or some of the firm’s contingent fee case load.

The Many Benefits of Lawsuit Settlement Funding

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Plaintiffs who find themselves involved in serious personal injury lawsuits are frequently caught ‘behind the eight ball’, so to speak. To make matters worse, they often have a rather unique set of financial challenges that prevent them from obtaining any sort of financial assistance through regular channels such as banks, credit unions and other lending institutions. These “unique financial challenges” can include bad credit, tax liens, medical liens, no real estate collateral, no monthly income, unemployed or no recent employment and an inability to make regular monthly loan payments.

The benefits of legal funding are immediately clear in these types of situation: TriMark Legal Funding LLC provides money to plaintiffs who have exhausted all their other options.

How Does Presettlement Funding Work?

Presettlement funding is fast and it’s easy to apply and has no credit checks, no income or employment requirements, no monthly payments and no up-front or out-of-pocket costs, and with your attorney’s cooperation you could have money in your hands in as little as 24 hours! And to top it all off, it’s 100% RISK-FREE for plaintiffs because you only repay the advance if you win your case. If you lose your case or your case doesn’t settle, YOU OWE US NOTHING!


Fast, affordable and 100% risk-free; so what are you waiting for?